About Us


Are you looking for an apartment, house, or investment properties in Sapporo ?

We can definitely help you ! We are an English/Japanese speaking real estate company.Stardust Japan Corp. has been in operation as a real estate company since 1948.We are one of the longest-standing estate company in Sapporo,so we have developed an extensive database of quality properties in Sapporo and its vicinity.Our range of properties includes everything from small economical apartments for singles, to spacious luxury homes for families. We can help you find the best, most affordable accommodation to suit your lifestyle and budget.

Our residential service includes lease negotiation and documentation in both English and Japanese,so you won’t get lost reading documents.If you are not so confident with your Japanese speaking level,then our friendly, highly skilled staff member,Ichiro,which is me,will help you to connect your utilities including the telephone line,as well as electric and gas supply, as part of our services.

I’m an English speaking Japanese national working at Mitaka Corp.;I have lived and studied in the US for 3 years and graduated from El Camino College in LA.

So why don’t you get in touch with me and let me help you find your new home in Sappro today !